About Twisted Tape

About Twisted Tape

A twisted tape type tube insert is a historically well-known heat transfer enhancement device, with a variety of heat transfer and pressure drop correlations available in the open literature.

Twisted tape geometries divide the flow within the tube, creating spiral flow paths resulting in higher velocity at the tube wall. For many conditions they also induce swirl flow which increases local velocities and promotes mixing.

Why choose CALGAVIN

Established in 1980, CALGAVIN® is a British engineering company with global representatives worldwide providing heat transfer solutions to you.

For over 40 years, CALGAVIN® has built up unrivalled expertise in the thermal design and analysis of process plants, where Twisted Tapes remains an important enhancement tool package for either new or existing heat exchangers.

Outstanding Quality Guaranteed

Outstanding Quality

ISO 9001 EN 10204 3.1, PMI testing and other testing variety is possible upon request.

Made in United Kingdom

Made in
United Kingdom

New generation technology, tools and machines to maintain high standard specifications – all available at CALGAVIN headquarters in Alcester, United Kingdom.

Specifications and Material

and Material

Wide range of specifications and materials covered to suit any turbulator requirements.

Delivered Worldwide


We have been delivering our products around the world for more than 40 years.
Made. Packed. Shipped.

Knowledge & Expertise

Knowledge & Expertise

CALGAVIN®’s engineering team has grown its heat transfer knowledge through the innovation and research of its heat transfer enhancement products.

In case you are not sure regarding the final specification of your Twisted Tapes, a vital skill set in modelling thermal and hydraulic ratings of heat exchangers is at the core of what we do. We have the possibility to provide various engineering design services by analysing existing heat exchanger performance, further levels of enhancement possible and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) services, typically used to investigate complex fluid flows around heat exchange equipments, such as vibration, maldistribution or bypass issues.

Further to CALGAVIN’s product offerings, our engineering team is proficient in providing detailed thermal design analysis, including TEMA and API type heat exchanger configurations.

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Specification Check

Use our Twisted Tape specification tool to check the manufacturing feasibility of your twisted tapes.

Please use this function to input your twisted tape or tube specification details, in order for us to confirm if we can produce to your spec requirements.

It was a great and smooth experience purchasing twisted tape from CALGAVIN. Product received was properly packed and of high quality. Notable mentioned to Alex and his team which are well versed in the product technical, attentive and provide prompt response whenever we had queries.

Jonathan Har Sean Hou, Tenaga Tiub SDN BHD

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How can we help?

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CALGAVIN® - Your worldwide partners for heat exchange enhancement engineering. With its headquarters in the heart of the UK, CALGAVIN has global representation to immediately provide the answers to your needs.