Established in 1980, CALGAVIN® is a British engineering company with global representatives worldwide providing heat transfer solutions to you.

For over 40 years, CALGAVIN® has built up unrivalled expertise in the thermal design and analysis of process plants, where Twisted Tapes remains an important enhancement tool package for either new or existing heat exchangers.

Our engineering team has extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow phenomena, combined with global experience providing improvement solutions to hundreds of plants worldwide.

The company’s Best Practice Policy is supported and achieved by the use of state-of-the-art software including HTRI Xchanger Suite®, Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating, Ansys CFD® and Fluent®.

Research Expertise

Collaboration with UK & overseas universities, development of research programmes and the application of innovation through research into the industry, are all activities CALGAVIN® delivers by providing cutting-edge process enhancement solutions.

We have researched heat and mass transfer, single-phase flow, two-phase flow and fouling mitigation, with research papers, webinars and lab videos detailing the what, the how and the why’s underlined by fundamental physics.

CALGAVIN Webinars and Knowledge Base

We have put together a knowledge base which represents a collated resource of case studies, published papers, webinars, software and videos covering all aspects of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow phenomena, gained through successful projects completed over 40 years.

To start with, please click on the video below for the most comprehensive turbulator differentiation webinar - A comparison of Twisted Tapes and hiTRAN Thermal Systems.

Physical variance, practical and installation overview, thermal performance or typical applications - all this knowledge under one webinar. Take a look…

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  • Outstanding Quality Guaranteed
  • Made in United Kingdom
  • Specifications and Materials
  • Delivered Worldwide

Outstanding Quality Guaranteed

  • Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015;
  • We provide material certificates as per ISO EN 10204 3.1,
  • PMI testing and other testing variety is possible upon request;
  • We work with approved suppliers only (raw materials or freight forwarders), based on strict criteria and yearly account review;
  • Company registration No. 1505148
  • VAT No. GB 352 2959 44
Outstanding Quality Guaranteed

Made in United Kingdom

  • Quality stop-checks for consistent twist ratio;
  • High standard quality raw materials used in manufacturing;
  • New generation technology, tools and machines to maintain high standard specifications;
  • Manufactured at CALGAVIN headquarters in Alcester, United Kingdom
Outstanding Quality Guaranteed

Specifications and Materials

  • We can cover a wide range of specifications with widths between 8 and 100mm, thicknesses of 0.60mm to 1.50mm and no limit on lengths. Longest we’ve done was a 25m long twisted tape project.
  • We can outsource almost any material twisted tapes are required to be manufactured from, from low carbon steel to stainless steels or higher nickel alloy material grades or duplex steels.
  • All our twisted tapes come with high quality deburred edges for safe product handling.
Outstanding Quality Guaranteed

Delivered Worldwide

  • We have been delivering our products around the world for more than 40 years;
  • Our freight handling partners work around the clock to deliver in most of the places around the world, via either Ocean, Air or Road freight, covering most of the INCOTERMS trade terms.
  • We can cover any Chamber of Commerce documentation that might be required
  • We only use new wooden packaging, suitable for ocean or air freight ISPM15 international standards compliant.
  • We are an Approved Exporter, licence GB 15006/09; VGM 0562/GB/0322
Outstanding Quality Guaranteed


hiTRAN® Thermal Systems are an established, unique solution to substantially enhance the tube side heat transfer by changing fluid dynamics, and generally a more efficient turbulator when compared to the Twisted Tape.

Installed in more than 20, 000 exchangers worldwide over 40 years, a wide range of case studies are a testament to the benefits of hiTRAN.

Quick Twisted Tape
Specification Check

Use our Twisted Tape specification tool to check the manufacturing feasibility of your twisted tapes.

Please use this function to input your twisted tape or tube specification details, in order for us to confirm if we can produce to your spec requirements.